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Hey, everyone - I am so sorry for neglecting this community. I have just been ... ergh, I am so sorry. I have no excuse. Please forgive me.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Vote for only ONE icon - comments will be screened. Do not vote for your own icon.

Also, I must again apologize. I have been neglecting. But no more. Big changes in this community. Yay. :D
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Screened comment

Um ... I don't get your point. I did that for one challenge to try something new, because I get bored when people use the same lyric over and over. I like variety. Sorry I don't like to follow the crowd all the time. ;)
That's okay, just thought I'd mention it.

LOVE the Orlando icon, by the way...
No problem. With all my wacky 'new ideas' for a community, I'm sure I seem a bit new. Thanks for the input.

Hehe, thank you - but its Hugh Dancy, not Orlando. Not a big fan of the prissy elf, haha. ^^
Wow! With the big, curly dark hair and the cheekbones, I thought it was Orlando! Very impressive...
Haha, Hugh impresses us all. XD