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Oh my GOSH, I completely forgot to announce the winners of the second challenge! I am an IDIOT. Anyway, here they are!

First Place
by alaishawhispers

Second Place
by sequinissues

Third Place
by bitter_icons

Mod's Choice
by flagrant_delire

Congrats and sorry for my idiocy! Haha ...

ALSO, if you won and want a banner - please reply here! I think I'm going to nix the one post idea; it's too confusing. x_x
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Heys, I would love a banner. When I'm done with the banners, do you want me to email them to you or something?
Mm, for the second challenge - yes. You know my e-mail, doncha?
Yep, I do. I'll email you the urls for them, because I'll save them on my photobucket.
Oh, you rock. <3
It's no problem.
You still rock. XD
oooh, yay! And yes please on the banner bit.
Ooooh, thanks for choosing mine for mod's choice.=) No need for a banner, but thanks!!!!