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Okay, I have NEVER seen any community do this but I think it's a good idea. What I am doing is creating a post (this one) where ANYONE can suggest lyrics for challenges. I run out of ideas for these things and this way I can get a wider range of music for the challenges that (hopefully) members like more.

I would like to require that all members post some lyrics, but I know we're all busy. But it is strongly encouraged that members submit lyrics.

So, respond here with your lyrics. You may submit as many times as you can/want! So ... go for it!
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I'm in a rush at the moment, so I'm not posting any that I've picked myself (will do that later when I have more time, so expect lots of comments from me. *g*), but here's a link to a post that someone put up with a bunch of really good lyrics in it. Nice variety of stuff there.

Lovely link. Thank you so much!
You know, you could do this the easy way (like most chorus comms do) and pick a winner to pick the lyrics for the next week. And you could work it out so that it's on a two week rotation, like the next week's winner (you'd pick that randomly) would pick the lyric for the challenge two weeks from now. Make sense? Check out alias_chorus and lotr_chorus if I'm not making any sense at all. :)
I am aware of how other chorus communities work, but I'd like for all members to contribute lyrics. This way we get more of a variety and I don't have to stalk down winners every week. ;)
Whatever works best for you. :)
I agree with devilwrites! That's the same way over at pirates_chorus and that community goes on smoothly, so yeah.
I know how other chorus communites work, but I like the idea of getting a variety of ideas for all members. :)
maybe you could get people to post a lyric suggestion along with their icon submissions? you'd only be getting the iconmakers, but even then, it's an incentive to make an icon, cause then you get a say in what the lyrics are.
Nah, it's okay. I just want to see if anyone wants to submit anything - I don't want to force anyone. If they want to, great. :)
well it wouldn't have to be a requirement...just a convenient place to gather the suggestions.